Do you feel like you try to get rid of things around the house but you still have too much stuff?

Is organizing something you want to do but don’t know where or how to start…

If this sounds like you then you NEED to join the 2020 HOME ORGANIZING CHALLENGE!

How to organize your home with professional organizers

The challenge is an easy place to start!  It requires just 20 minutes a day for 20 days.  You will be completing small manageable tasks that will help you declutter your home and purge unwanted/unused items.

Beginning Monday, November 2nd we will be working on decluttering and organizing 20 different areas in the home for 20 minutes a day.  That’s right – just 20 minutes a day can transform many areas that are causing you stress right now.

Clutter is a thief of contentment!  With anxiety and stress higher than normal in 2020 I’d like to help you get some control back within your own home – moving toward peace and contentment as the holiday season approaches.  At the end of the 20 day – 2020 Home Organizing Challenge your home will be less cluttered and more organized.

Best ever home organizing event

If you would like to participate make sure you are following on Instagram @intentionaledit and checking IG stories daily.  Professional Organizers from all over will be posting and sharing tips and tricks to declutter and organize.

You can also follow the #2020homeorganizingchallenge on Instagram for plenty of inspiration on our daily projects.  There will be an extra challenge and giveaway too!

You don’t want to miss the 2020 Home Organizing Challenge!

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