In January I kicked off this blog series called  Ask Lauren, Q & A with Intentional Edit.  I receive the same questions multiple times — In an effort to answer more questions I’ll be posting a Q & A once or twice a month.


How should I organize my shoes?


Shoe organization is just like anything else.  The number of shoes, size of closet, available storage and so much more goes into deciding the best way to organize your collection of shoes.  In all the closets I’ve organized I’ve never used the exact same method.

Some helpful hints for shoe organization include –

  • Get your shoes off the floor.  If you don’t have built in shelves there a plenty of options for shoe storage.
  • Utilize the door!  If your closet is especially small an over the door hanging system can work to keep your shoes organized.
  • Ditch the boxes – they take up too much space.
  • Toe to Heal placement allows more shoes to fit per shelf.
  • Clear shoe containers work great for storing shoes that you rarely wear.
  • Discard the old and uncomfortable shoes

organized master closet shoe shelves storage containers

More details on closet organization are here and closet inspiration is here.


Best Hanger?


My favorite hangers are the Joy Mangano Black Huggable Hangers from The Container Store.  Switching out mismatched hangers in your closet can save a ton of space and is much more visually appealing.  These come in a variety of colors and any color is fine as long as it is always the same color….or at least the same color per category or closet section.  I’ve seen similar velvet hangers at Costco for a lower price point and they are great too!  If a closet full of all new velvet hangers is not in your budget now you can switch them out gradually and buy one or two boxes at a time.

joy huggable hangers closet organization

For more closet organizing tips click here.

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Lauren is a professional home organizer and owner of Intentional Edit in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Intentional Edit is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on consciously editing to create efficient and organized spaces.  Lauren believes that a functional home that looks and feels pretty has a positive effect on all aspects of life.  While design trends come and go organization is always in style!

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