Last month I began this series Ask Lauren, Q & A with Intentional Edit.  I often receive the same questions over and over.  In an effort to get more questions answered I’ll be posting a Q & A once or twice a month.


What’s the best way to organize a pantry?

This question is impossible to answer!  There are many different options for pantry organization It depends on the size, location and needs of the family.  An essential part of pantry organization is grouping food and supplies by category.  Clear containers are helpful to see what you have and baskets with labels work great for large items.  An organized pantry allows you to see what you have so you don’t overbuy or run out of the necessities.

small pantry organized kitchen clutter free food storage

Details on pantry organization are here and pantry inspiration is here.


Do you file fold clothing in drawers?

Yes!  File folding is a game changer!  All of the closet and dresser drawers in my home use the file folding method.  I love it because you can see every item at a glance.  It’s also easy to remove one item at a time without messing up an entire stack of clothing.  If the drawer is large I add drawer dividers to keep the sections separate.  Drawer dividers are usually spring loaded and adjustable to fit different drawer sizes.

organized drawer file folded clothing elf

For more closet organizing tips click here.

Thanks for reading the 3rd post of Ask Lauren, Q & A with Intentional Edit.  If you have a question please comment on this post or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to answer it in the future.

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Lauren is a professional home organizer and owner of Intentional Edit in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Intentional Edit is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on consciously editing to create efficient and organized spaces.  Lauren believes that a functional home that looks and feels pretty has a positive affect on all aspects of life.  While design trends come and go organization is always in style!

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