Complete home organization is more realistic than most families imagine!

Living among clutter has a negative impact on our daily lives, more people are feeling the need to let go, declutter and get organized.  Homeowners often have a vision of what the end result is, but have trouble getting rid of unnecessary belongings.  

If you are feeling the pull to finally get organized there is ONE question you should be asking.  I’ve shared tips on how to organize and steps to follow that help to make your home clutter free.  All of these are helpful tools, but I’ve recently discovered one question that makes a big difference, (HUGE) really!organizing 101

It doesn’t matter what room or project you are tackling.  The question is the same.  Stop thinking about what you want to throw away or donate and do not ask yourself, “what can I get rid of?”!

What should we be asking?

Begin your decluttering project with the simple question, “WHAT DO I WANT TO KEEP?”.organizing the one question, what do you want to keepIt’s not uncommon to have a basement to sort, closets full of clothes that don’t fit or are out of style and overstuffed cabinets and drawers.  We know we want to toss or donate what we are not using but how do we decide what stays and what goes.  If we shift our mindset from “what do I want to get rid of?” to “WHAT DO I WANT TO KEEP?”, the task at hand becomes much easier.  

home organization how to

It really is as simple as this ONE question!  For details on this approach check out how this idea works in a kitchen pantry and with children and their toys.  If you are looking to clear the clutter and make a big impact on purging the items in your home ask yourself: “what do I want to keep?” rather than “what do I want to get rid of?”.

how to organize your entire home



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Lauren is a professional home organizer and owner of Intentional Edit in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Intentional Edit is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on consciously editing to create efficient and organized spaces.  Lauren believes that a functional home that looks and feels pretty has a positive influence on all aspects of life.  Creating systems that allow for the home to function more efficiently, therefore, eliminating most of the clutter and chaos, is her priority.  While design trends come and go, organization is always in style!

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