Running out of space, is the clutter taking over?  Obviously decluttering is the first step to a more organized home, but what happens when you have already completed a thorough purge and you still need storage options?!?!  Furniture that doubles as storage is the answer for a lot tricky spaces.

I have a few of these double duty pieces in my home.  My daughter’s bed and the guest room bed have two very different styles but both include beds with storage drawers.  Guest Bedroom Storage Bed Intentional Edit

We also have a built in seat with storage drawers below in the book nook, you may remember the Rainbow Order Bookshelves.  

Bench seating at the kitchen table with drawers below and storage ottomans in multiple spaces throughout the house that function as a seat or table and store needed items are also found in my home.  bedroom storage ottoman gray

coffee table and storage ottoman

Here are a few examples of furniture that doubles as storage that I found with a simple google search.  Check out this coffee table, imagine what you could store in that.  

Here is another example of the same type of storage in a coffee table.  colorful family room intentional edit

This is an awesome coffee table for a kid friendly space, no corners and it doubles with style and storage. Land of Nod round table

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