Summer is the perfect time to try new side dishes and salads.  All 5 of these recipes are full of flavor and perfect for a meal at home or to bring to a BBQ.  The recipes are easy to make and will add color to every plate.


5 Side Dishes and Salads for Summer 


Click on the image to get the recipe.

Edamame Cucumber Quinoa Salad 

Edamame cucumber quinoa salad meal easy recipe cooking


Corn and Black Bean Salad (we love this one as a dip with chips!)

corn and black bean salad easy recipe


Cilantro Lime Garbanzo

garbanzo salad


Southwest Cilantro Salad

Salad Southwest Cilantro Romaine


Avocado Tuna Cucumber Salad – serve on a bed of greens (or alone) instead of in a wrap

best ever tuna lettuce wrap recipe


More recipes can be found here and here.

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easy side dishes and salads for summer



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