It’s the time of year where resolutions are made and goals for the new year are set.  Making resolutions comes with good intentions but most people have failed at keeping the resolution by the end of January.  What must happen to have success with your resolutions…  Listen to this episode if you want to learn strategies and actionable tips to be successful with your resolution in 2022.  Learn to make changes that create healthy habits, new routines and systems that will help you transform your home and life in 2022!  It’s time to make this year the best one yet!


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Full Episode Transcription:


Happy new year and welcome to the first episode of the intentional edit podcast. In 2022. Today, we are talking about new year’s resolutions and turning those into healthy habits so that you can stick to the resolutions you have set this year. Hey, France, quick tips that make a big impact in your daily life are my favorite ways to implement systems around the house. I’ve been sharing easy strategies and my go-to organizing products for tip Tuesday on the intentional edit Instagram feed for a few years. Now I’m excited to bring it to the podcast with sure episodes answering your questions every Tuesday. If you want me to answer your questions, go to the podcast page on intentional, Submit your questions there. Let’s get started on this tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast. Hey friends, thanks for joining me for another episode of the intentional edit podcast.


This is the first episode that I am recording for 2022. It is episode 20. It’s hard to believe that in ox, October, I started this podcast and we’re already at episode 20 in less than two months, I hit 2000 downloads. I had no idea what would happen when I launched this podcast or how many people would listen or even what goals to set forward or anything like that. I cannot thank you enough for listening and sharing. And here with me taking some of the things that I am sharing and imple implementing them in your life so that you can have some of the benefits that it comes from living organized and feeling simplicity, and bringing that simplicity to your homes. I would really appreciate it. If you would take a minute to just take a screenshot of the podcast or this episode and share it on your social and tag me, I’m at intentional edit and all social platforms, please tag me.


I will reshare that. Lets your friends know that you are getting some benefit and you are liking this podcast. I really appreciate if you share and that helps me reach more people. It can get the intentional living simplicity message out, help build my audience. Thank you again for listening and thank you for sharing. Let’s jump into episode 20. This is a tip Tuesday episode. I keep it short and sweet. It is the time of year where every one is discussing their goals, their setting resolutions and making big plans for the upcoming year. And sometimes those plans come from a good place, but it is not likely that you will even be sticking with the resolutions that you set within 30 days. You may already, you know that. And I don’t know the exact statistic on it, but I feel like it’s low, 30% is popping, popping into my mind.


I’ll have to look that up after the podcast and check it out. But it is extremely low chances that you will be still working on your resolution. Once you get to the end of January. I know that I don’t know the exact percentage, but I do know that even though that is common, most people are aware that setting a resolution is not the same thing as goal setting or healthy habits or anything like that. A lot of people do still set these big, big, huge, sometimes resolutions. When the new year comes, it gets, you started. Of course there is good intention behind it, but it gets you started. And motivation is really what gets you started. You want to do something you want to make a change from your current situation, whether it be healthy, eating or weight loss or making a certain amount of money, whatever it is, you’re setting a goal for yourself that is this resolution, but creating it and saying that you’re going to do it.


That motivation doesn’t get you very far. What gets you far is creating a habit and making the changes that you need by creating this habit so that you can stick to your resolution. Take charge today. If you, if there’s something that you don’t like or that you know, can be better, then take charge, make small changes to create a habit that will make this resolution or this goal possible. And you can achieve this. Don’t get stuck in the idea that, okay, you set this resolution, it’s gonna happen. You have to have an action plan. And usually the action plan comes from a habit. You create a habit to make a change. If you really stop and think about it, if you want to change your life, create a habit to change your life, change your habit. Do you wake up in the morning and pick up your phone and scroll through social?


And then you are the kind of person that is making excuses and saying you don’t have time to work out or you don’t have time to pick up your house or tidy or keep things clean when you break it down. It’s your habit of scrolling through social in the morning and laying in bed that is keeping you stuck in that place that you don’t want to be. It’s it’s an unhealthy habit. And we wanna break that cycle by creating a healthy habit. If you ever stop and think about why you’re doing something it’s usually out of habit is why you’re doing something you’re moving through each day, doing things that you’ve always done, because that’s just the way that you do them. You get outta bed, you brush your teeth, you go make your coffee, you drink your coffee. You usually get dressed in the same order.


You don’t really know why you’re doing the things that you’re doing. It’s because of the habits that you’ve created, whether they’re good habits or bad habits, the healthy habits help you move forward. They help you achieve your goals. They keep you on track. Some habits are bad habits, and those are actually holding you back. Take a minute and focus. And you think about your day, the bad habits stick out. When we focus on being intentional with our time, intentional with our decisions, intentional with our relationships and friendships, intentional, with what we allow into our home and intentional with the way that we spend our time with extracurricular activities and things like that, that helps us eliminate the bad habits or reduce the bad habits or change behavior. So we could stop the bad habits. It helps us find a way to create new habits. Think about what can you focus on this month that will allow you to live more intentionally.


You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast. If you didn’t have in the back of your mind, or maybe it’s front and center, that you know that things can be better within your home, or you can be more productive. You can be more organized that there is a better way. That is what you’re thinking. And that’s probably one of the main reasons that you started listening to this podcast to begin with is because you want to make a change and you are looking for the tools to implement this change in your life so that you, you can live a simpler life. You’re craving that simplicity, and you’re wanting the tools to break free from the chaos. And what’s weighing you down. You are feeling like you are done being in that stuck complacent, irritable, overwhelmed state, and you want to move on to be more intentional.


Can you be intentional with what habits can you create quickly? You can go back and listen to almost every episode of, of the intentional edit podcast, whether I am coaching or you take one of my courses, I’m working with you. One on one or in a, with a past client habits and systems are what keep you on track and keep you happening. The success that you want to have with intentional living, go through your day. Think about what is frustrating. You let’s flip that around and create a habit around it so that you can end that frustration. That can be a simple new year’s resolution. Let’s talk about an example of a attainable new year’s resolution. If you are feeling like every time you look into your bedroom, it is stressful or your kids’ rooms. One thing that you can do to feel better in your home is get in the habit of making your bed.


You could set a new year’s resolution to make your beds every day or make your beds five outta or seven days a week. That is a resolution that is realistic. It is a goal. The only way you can have success with that is be by creating the habit of making your bed in the morning. Whether you need a reminder or put it into your schedule, as soon as you wake up, you stand up, you make your bed or after you shower and get ready. They’ll last thing you do before you leave your bedroom is make your bed. Once you have done this for a month, it usually takes 30 days for a, for something, a change behavior to become a habit. Once you have done it for the month of January, now it’s become a habit. It’s part of your routine. It’s a system that you have in your home and making your bed is just something that you do the same.


As you brush your teeth, you will have success with this resolution or goal or whatever you wanna call it because now have created this thing that has become a habit. Another thing that we can talk about that is an easy habit that you can start in 2022 is creating a drop zone in your home and it can be a drawer, a closet, a basket, a cabinet that’s near wherever you enter an exit hooks or anything. You just have to designate the spot where all the items that are constantly coming and going live your purse and the backpacks and your keys and wallets phones, all of these things. Don’t come in and get dumped on the sofa or dumped on the kitchen counters. That’s not where they live. They now have a home because you have created this drop zone. The ideal place for this is going to be right by or very near to the door where you enter and exit your home on a regular basis.


Once you get into the habit of placing your purse or your work bag, your kids’ backpacks, your keys, sunglasses, whatever comes into the house with you. Once you are in the habit of setting it there, these are things that will just happened because they are a habit. Will you get this right? A hundred percent of the time? No you won’t. But after you have done this for a number of days, and again, it’s around a month when these new practices actually become habits, then you will be annoyed. When, when one of these items is not its place. When the kitchen, when the keys are on the kitchen table, or your purse is on the kitchen island, you will notice that it is out of place because it’s not in its home. It’s not where it lives, which is in the drop zone that you have created when you are not the only person that lives in your home.


You have to talk about these things. When you’re making a change, talk about the things that you’re doing, set up your plan, and then share your plan with the rest of the family and let them know what the expectations are and what their responsibilities are. If kids need to bring backpacks into the home because they are doing homework, then the expectation is once the homework is done, then the backpack goes back to the drop zone. If shoes are supposed to be taken off and you don’t want them messy all over the floor, you now have a purchased a basket, set the basket by the drop zone. The expectation is for the shoes to be there. You may have to give reminders well, that’s okay. And that’s most likely gonna happen gen reminders. At first, if it’s not working, that’s when you start correcting and give simple consequences that make it so that everyone is on board and starts doing these things.


And in a very short amount of time, these things become a habit. Once they become a habit, you’re not thinking about them anymore. And they’re just happening. That is how you know, you are on the road to simplicity in your home. That is how you are successful with resolutions, that you set habits become routine. And when you have healthy habits to routines and good systems in your home, that is when you start to not feel so overwhelmed and you don’t feel stuck and you don’t feel irritable at home and finally enjoy being in your home and relaxing and rejuvenating and feeling good about being there. The systems, the habits in the routines are what keeps it that way. When you know, you need to make changes, you know, you can do something that will make you feel better and more relaxed, good in your home, whether it’s what you wanna call, setting a resolution or a goal, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. You wanna make a change and it’s very possible to do by creating these healthy habits and systems and routines with some effort and determination, you can definitely get to where you wanna be and create the home that you are desiring. Thank you for listening to the first episode of 2022. This was episode 20, a tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast. I’ll be back on a, with another new episode for the new year.


That wraps up another quick episode of a tip Tuesday. If you want to be featured on intentional edits, tip Tuesday, go to intentional,, click on the podcast page in the menu bar, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom. You’ll find a button that says record, tap on that and record your question or share what is currently overwhelming to you. What is going on that you need help with? I want to know I needed to know your struggle so I can share actionable solutions to help you create simplicity in your home. If you are having this issue. I know other people are having it too, and we wanna help as ending people as possible. Head over to the podcast page of intentional, and record your question for me there.





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