The start to a new year is often filled with resolutions and goals.  Getting your home decluttered and organized is often on the list.  You don’t want to miss Episode 21 of The Intentional Edit Podcast if you have purging, clearing the clutter, and organizing your home in mind for this year.  Eliminating clutter doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  In this episode you will learn the one question to ask yourself when tackling a purging project.  It’s time to stop stressing and overcomplicating decluttering!  Use the one question from this episode to get the unwanted, unused items out of your home for good.


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Full Episode Transcription:

If you have decluttering purging and getting your home organized on the list of goals for you this year, this episode is for you. Maybe you set clearing the clutter as one of your new year’s resolutions. Get ready to change the way you are thinking and learn. One question to ask yourself when tackling a purging project, stop stressing and over complicating decluttering. Use this one question to get the unwanted unused items out of your home for good. If you’re struggling with daily tasks, clutter organization, and finding any sort of work life balance, the intentional edit podcast is for you. It’s time to stop the chaos and live with more intention. I am, and, and I am here to help you declutter implement systems and maximize routines that remove the overwhelming unorganized parts of life. Bringing simplicity to your home. Come on. It’s time to create a life you love.


Hey friends, happy new year. Welcome back. This is episode 20, one of the intentional edit podcast. And if you are listening to this, when it first comes out, then we are just finishing up the first week of 2022. It’s crazy how fast it has already happened that we’ve already gone through a week, but here we are. In this episode, I am talking to you about a question that changes the way that you will look at decluttering. If you are trying to get rid of those unused unwanted unnecessary items in your home. This is the perfect episode. A lot of times we set goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year to purge and declutter, and finally get our home organized. These kind of resolutions or goals are just as common as weight loss goals or physical fitness goals. And if you listen to the last episode, episode 20, I talked about ways to stick to those because most people don’t stick to their resolutions by even the end of the first month of the year.


If you, you have made these goals for yourself and set these resolutions, I want to give you ways to stick to those things and to make them actually happen for you. In episode 20, I talked a lot about creating these healthy habits, taking big overwhelming tasks, and really putting them down into small manage tasks that you can turn into systems to have success with having an organizing home and having the benefits of living with simplicity. If you are here listening to this, you are wanting ideas on how to get organized. You want to feel less stressed. You have goals to create a home environ that you, that is a home that you wanna be at. Everyone deserves to have a home that feels good. When you walk through the door, you should feel like you are in a safe place where you can relax and refresh and be rejuvenated.


Your home should not be stressful and sucking the life out of you. Our homes impact us more than probably what you think. It’s so important to have a healthy home environment where you can be recharged because the way that your home is affects your overall health, your mental, physical, and emotional well is tied up into how you feel at home. If you don’t feel like you have a place where you can actually be calm and unwind, that is not healthy, your home environment also affects your overall mood and how your mood comes off in your behavior. I wanna help you make your home an atmosphere that enhances that things that are most important to you. It’s not just the design and the tactical decor items. That impact the way that you feel. It’s the, the clutter and the belongings that you allow in your space, stacks of paper or unused things that have taken over cluttered, counter countertops, or tabletops full of things.


If you don’t feel like you can breathe and relax and unwind, then we need to do something about that. And I’m gonna help you by sharing one question that has really revamped the way that people declutter. If you have decluttering and getting your home organized on the brain for 2022, then let’s dive in and get going on how you can achieve these goals for yourself. You are struggling with getting organized before you can organize. You have to declutter, decluttering, purging, whatever you wanna call it. You have to remove those things from your home that you don’t need, that are broken, that are unnecessary, that are unwanted. And if you are feeling fed up with not being organized or the lack of organization that is in your home in life, then the first step is getting rid of all that garbage declutter. Get rid of it.


It’s time to let go. Getting organized or living with less is good for you on so many levels. It’s in good for your it’s good for your family. It’s good for everyone that comes to your house. Most of us don’t realize the negative impact that living among the clutter has on our daily lives. In the last few years, and more people are jumping on board. The idea of living with less unwanted items or things that they don’t use, getting them out of the home, getting organized because we are more aware of what is good for us and our overall wellbeing. You’re here because you wanna get organized. You want to know what am I gonna tell you that can help you figure out how to declutter. If you are thinking, this is the beginning of the year and I’m ready. I wanna jump in. I just wanna get rid of all this stuff in my house that I don’t want, and I am ready to go.


Then this episode is perfect for you. You’re looking for the solution to get your home organized. That’s awesome. Give yourself a pat on the back or just take a minute to recognize that you are moving in the right direction. You know that your home can, can be where you want it to be in terms of removing the clutter and organizing it and creating systems that will help you bring the simplicity to your home. That you’re craving. In episode three, I give of this intentional edit podcast. I give step by step instructions. It’s a purging guide. That is it. Episode that you should check out the other one that I’m looking on. My list episode five is like simple ideas to implement in your home to reduce stress. So if you are a person that set these goals for this year, definitely go back into the podcast library and check out episode three and episode five.


The other one that I wanna mention is episode eight. It’s six questions to use when purging and decluttering. It is a guide that I use with absolutely every client or friend or family member or anyone. I know I can hand them the six questions and it walks you through how to use those questions with examples. If you are stuck on purging and decluttering, it doesn’t matter what room or projects you’re tackling. It’s the same. It works the same, and it’s almost, it. It really is a guide that will help you. So go back and listen to episode eight. If you want those six questions and episode three and episode five are also good ones that will help you in this episode. I have one question for you. This is not part of the six questions that I talk about in episode eight. This is if you are feeling and you are feeling extremely motivated to eliminate the unnecessary items, but you don’t know how to do that.


And you’re feeling a little bit of hesitation, or maybe a lot of hesitation about what you actually need and what you can get rid of. This is the question I want you to think about stop thinking about out what you want to throw away or what you wanna donate or what you wanna give away. Don’t ask yourself, what can I get rid of? What can I donate? Those are questions that are not working for your brain. You need to shift your mindset around. And when you begin this big decluttering pro, where you’re moving through your home, and you’re trying to figure out what you can get rid of. You’re gonna rephrase that question. And you are actually going to ask yourself, what do you want to keep? I’ll say it again. You’re going to ask yourself, what do you want to keep? Let’s go over a couple of examples.


You might have a, a garage or a basement or an extra bedroom that has become a catch all for all of the extra stuff. When maybe you get a new blanket and you don’t have room for it in your linen closet. So an old blanket comes out, but it’s still good. You don’t wanna get rid of it. So it now goes into the guest room. It now goes into a pile in the basement. You have home decor or pieces of furniture, kitchen, appliances, all kinds of things that you have replaced them. And you’ve decided that these items are not things that you use on a regular basis. But for some reason, you didn’t get rid of them. At the time you put them in this room, the basement, the garage, the extra bedroom, whatever the catch all is in your home. You place them there.


They’ve been there collecting dust in a pile, unused. You’re not using them. Is that something you wanna keep ask yourself the question? What do you wanna keep? Why do you wanna keep that blanket? Do you wanna keep an extra toaster? Do you want to keep these extra things? The answer is no. And if you do wanna keep them, they don’t belong in a pile, shoved in an extra room or a garage out of sight, out of mind, adding clutter to those spaces. If you want to keep them, it means you intend on using them. You are going to find a place for them, where they can be put away in the spot where they would be used. Let’s go over some other examples, different rooms in your house. The what do I wanna keep? Example where it really hits home is with food pantry or a cabinet where you store food.


A lot of times people are frustrated because when they do deep, clean to organize, they find a lot of expired food. They feel like it’s very wasteful. And it is. If you have an organized system for your food, you are not going to be wasting. You’re not going to be in a situation where finding expired items in the back of your pantry or your food storage cabinet. But if you don’t have that currently, wherever your food is in your kitchen, pull it all out. And you look at the expired items. If I ask you what you want to keep, you will automatically say, you don’t wanna keep those. You don’t wanna eat crackers that expired three years ago. You don’t want to cook a can of whatever it is because it’s been expired for so long. So that that’s a very easy example that I can give you where I’m saying, what do you wanna keep with food?


You obviously know that you don’t wanna keep it when I’m asking you, what do you want to get rid of? It’s another way of that. Your brain can, is thinking about it. You may not want to get rid of those things and you have to talk yourself through to be very logical with yourself about, well, they’re expired. I’m not going to eat them, but when you switch your mindset, then you know, you do not wanna keep these things because it’s something that you want to keep. So we’re switching from, what do I wanna get rid of? And we are asking ourselves, what do I wanna keep? You know, you do not wanna keep the expired food. It’s not something you want to keep. So you can move on. You can do this with any area of your home, with clothes in your closet. When you tackle a closet organizing pro project, and you’re thinking, what do I wanna get rid of?


We usually have a little guilt over getting rid of an out, uh, outfit or clothes that still have the tags on it. Or we bought it for an occasion, but we never used it. Maybe we didn’t wear it enough, or as much as we thought we would, guilt can be associated with those items, getting rid of those things. But when you’re asking yourself what you want to keep, you’re flipping a switch in your brain. And instead of having guilt over the things that you’re getting rid of you are having a positive experience with the items that you wanna keep. When asking yourself, what do I wanna get rid of? You give yourself the opportunity to keep more. You really want definitely more than you need. You’re already in a situation where you’re keeping more than you’re using. You’re keeping unwanted items. You’re keeping things that you don’t need, use, or want retrain your brain stop saying, what do I want to get rid of and start asking yourself, what do I want to keep?


I know I keep repeating the, the same thing, but I just want you to get it into your head so that you can finish this podcast. And when you start decluttering and you start this purging process, you are in the mindset to ask yourself the one question, and you’re just gonna keep saying, what do I wanna keep? Do I wanna keep this? That’s how you are going to tackle all of these things with decluttering and purging that you are doing with these projects all over your house until you have decluttered and you don’t have anything left to declutter and purge. If you are not convinced that this question and this mindset, mindset shift works, then you can try it out with kid. I did this. I’ve shared this story on my blog. I feel like I’ve shared it in a podcast episode. Dunno off the top of my head, which one?


I did this with my neighbor’s kids. We pride this theory. This was a few years ago. It worked. Those kids had so many toys and the family room, living room, bedroom, all over the house, had toys. When they would get more, they would just to it, the parents knew they were not playing with most of their toys. A few that they thought were their favorites. But when we asked the kids, what do you wanna keep? They came up with very few things. And these are kids that had a lot of toys in a lot of different categories. A boy and a girl. I don’t remember exactly old. They were at the time, young elementary and preschool age. One of the kids came up with a few items that they wanted to keep. And the other one looked around and didn’t wanna keep anything like not one thing.


He asked his dad about his scooter, which was actually outside in the garage at the time, we kind of prompted him and to talk to him about some of his toys, but he really wasn’t upset about getting rid of anything. And honestly, I was kind of shocked at the response. I thought they would want to keep more than they did. We did not get rid of all of those things. It was a simple question. If we had asked those kids, what do you wanna get rid of? They had tried this many times. They had tried purging with the kids. They had tried giving them trash bags and wanted them each to fill up a trash bag, to be donated. Things like that. It just didn’t work for them. But when they asked the kids what they wanted to keep, it was a totally different shift.


They didn’t look at their in the same way that if they got rid of them, they would be gone and they would be so sad to get rid of them. We can use this philosophy as adults. It works with kids and adults. Think about what you want to keep. It’s not a bad thing to get rid of something to eliminate. In fact, it’s a good thing. And if you look around the room that you’re in, you think about what is most important to you? What do you use? What do you need? And what do you want? You will be able to come up with what you wanna keep, because those are the things that are important to you. Those are the things that are actually useful in your life. It’s time to switch it up, stop making decluttering and purging harder than it is. It can seem like a daunting task, but when you break it down, it doesn’t have to be use the question.


What do I want to keep and really think about if you want to keep that item, give yourself the gift of a clutter free home. Good luck to cluttering. As always, if you have questions, if you want more information or more guide dance from me, send me a message on Instagram. That’s the easiest way to contact me. And I will be sure to get back to you. Good luck on this project. I know you can do it, and I know you will have success. If you ask yourself, what do you wanna keep when you are decluttering and purging all these unnecessary, unwanted, unused items that are currently taking up space in your home, it’s time to let go of them and feel free after doing that good luck with your decluttering. I will meet you back here next week for another episode of the intentional edit podcast.


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