When you start to clear clutter and get rid of unwanted items in your space, you are making room to feel better and less stressed in your home.  Purging is the starting point to bringing simplicity to your life and home.

I know how hard it is to keep pushing forward when it seems as if you don’t have the time and everything you have tried in the past hasn’t worked.  When you are in this place it’s only normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, defeated and stressed-out!

It can be difficult to find the motivation to try again but…Here you are, with the desire to keep going.

In this episode, you will learn the 4 step process that is exactly what you need to find the time, have success with your home purging & organizing, and stay motivated to GET IT ALL DONE!



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Podcast Episode 43 - How to stay MOTIVATED when tackling a HUGE home organizing project and keep going until it is DONE! 4 Step Process & where to FIND THE TIME to finish strong!




Full Episode Transcription:


When you start to clear out the clutter, toss items and get rid of unwanted things in your space, you’re making room to feel better and feel less stressed in your home. Purging is the starting point to bringing simplicity to your life, your home, and everything that encompasses that I know how hard it is to keep pushing forward. When it seem as if you don’t have the time and everything you have tried in the past, hasn’t worked. You feel like you’re stuck in this place. When you’re in this place. It’s only normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, defeated, and totally stressed out. It can be difficult to find the motivation to try again and again and again, but here you are. I’m happy to have you here. You have this desire to keep going. In today’s episode, I’m going to share a four step process with you.


That’s exactly what you need to find. The time for these projects have success with your home purging and organizing and stay motivated to get it all done right now. Hey moms, welcome to the intentional edit podcast. Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and finally get your home organized. Do you find yourself up late at night, worrying about how you are going to get everything done and not drop the ball? You are wondering where to start and what to do. There is never enough time in the day. The piles of laundry are building up and it’s already time for after school activities, homework, snacks, and carpool. Oh, get in. I’m Lauren. I too want an organized, clean home where my family can make long lasting memories and be present in the moment feeling like there’s never enough time to complete all the daily tasks is exhausting. Simplicity all around a healthy mule on the table at dinnertime and a family that contributes to the chores really is attainable. Stop telling yourself that you have to do it all or it will never get done. Or that picky eaters will never allow for a complain free dinner. In this podcast, you will learn exactly how to declutter implement systems and maximize routines that remove the overwhelming unorganized parts of life. Bringing simplicity to your life and home. Come on. It’s time to create a life you love.


Hey friends. Welcome back to another episode of the intentional edit podcast. Thank you so much for being here for episode 43. Before we get going on this episode, I want to let you know that I moved some things around in my schedule and I was able to open up three additional coaching spots in the next two weeks. If you are listening to this, when it first comes out or anytime, really you can check to see what I have available. If you’ve been trying to schedule these coaching sessions with me and they get booked up fast, there are three extra spots available right now. When this airs head over to intentional edit.com, click on the coaching tab in the menu. You bar at the top of the page, you can scroll down and click on the button that says, book a session or book here. There’s a couple places to do it.


It’ll take you right to the calendar where you can book a coaching session with me. If you’re eager to start organizing your home, or you want me to help you create customized systems to bring order and simplicity to your life, head to intentional edit.com now, and book one of those spots with me, I did just open up space for three additional coaching sessions. They will go fast. So head over there. If you want to snag one of those and we can work together in the next two weeks to get a plan going for you, that will work to start to get you organized. I can give you decluttering strategies. If you need them, we can work on time management for you and your family, how to manage your calendars, set up systems for your home. It really all comes down to the systems and routines that you have in place.


I always start with most significant problem that is causing you stress and to feel overwhelmed. And we work from there. I try to give you as much as I possibly can in one session. And then you have homework to apply it to your life, to make the changes that actually start to bring some of that simplicity that you’re craving to your home and your life. So go to intentional, edit.com and click on the coaching tab at the top of the page. If you want to book a session with me for one of those three spots that I opened up in the next two weeks, I actually had a different episode planned for today, but I saw a post on Instagram or Facebook or somewhere wherever I was in social media. And it said one week, one hour, a day to get your entire house cleaned and organized.


Let me just say that again. So this graphic was a picture of different spaces in a home and a list of things to do, but the title on this post set one week, one hour a day to get your entire house cleaned and organized. I’m sorry. That’s not going to happen. That is great clickbait. I guess you could call it. And if you think that that is possible, I don’t care if you live in the smallest house in the world, it’s going to take you more than one hour a day for only one week to get organized. That idea is a great starting point. If you have one hour, a day to devote, to decluttering an organization, that’s awesome. Like that’s a huge amount of time. You can accomplish a lot in that, but there is no one that can only spend one hour a day for one week and get their entire house organized.


That post is so misleading. I tend to be a glass half full person, so I don’t want to tear it apart. But I think when you see things like that, it’s easy to get discouraged, flip that discouragement around, change your mindset and think, okay, this is a great starting point. If you want to use that as a great, a starting point when it was on that post, when it was dividing up the rooms, and it said things like the kitchen and it had different subcategories with things to do in your kitchen, some of those would take an hour. Each most of those would take more than an hour each, but it was a great outline. There was some good content to it, but it was very misleading. There are so many things on social media, on the internet that we see that cause us to think unrealistic things are realistic.


There’s something that we could possibly do. And the, then most people, it makes them feel bad. And it brings you to a place where you feel discouraged and you feel like you’re not enough because you would start this and one hour a day for a week, isn’t really going to get you anywhere near what this is promising. What’s the solution. What is the realistic expectation for getting your house organized? That’s very personal. It depends on the clutter in your space. It depends on what kind of a home you have in terms of size people living in it. What clutter you have accumulated over the years. What stage are you at in life with kids and things changing or are kids out of  the house? Do, are you still having babies or do you have to keep hand me downs? So many things determine the amount of time that it takes and there’s not a right or wrong answer.


There’s not a definite timeframe that it takes to declutter and organize. It’s a process and want to get there. It’s worth it. It’s not one week can tell you that. How are you going to get the entire house organized? It’s not going to be one week or two weeks or even one month. When you want long term solutions that bring simplicity and organization to your life and home, you start with a plan and have to find the time, have to set aside time to work on these projects, like the deep cluttering to get to the place where you could even begin organizing. Think about it like this. If you wanted to start a new workout or you had new fitness goals, you would come up with a time that worked into your schedule. A block of time that fits into the calendar that you currently keep.


It’s the same thing with organizing. Something is important to you. We find the time to make it happen. Look at your weekly schedule and see where are there gaps? Where are there spots where you can take little bits here and there or a chunk. Maybe you have the ability to take an hour chunk or even a little bit more. I’d love it. If you could find an entire hour or a little bit more than an hour, where you can dedicate to these projects where you stay focused and working on this, just like in the example I just gave where if you wanted to do a new workout and you dedicated that hour or that 90 minute timeframe to going to the gym or taking this class and didn’t have interruptions during that time. Cause it was dedicated for that. I would love for you to do the same thing for organizing.


That’s how you’re going to have true success in decluttering and organizing you. Look at the calendar, you assess your schedule. You figure out this is where I have an hour during the week, or I have three 30 minute blocks that I can dedicate right here. Or this is where I have an hour and 20 minutes find that time. And then label it, come up with a label for it, label it, whatever you want this time is designated to your home projects that lead to simplification, clutter-free living and feeling better in your home and life. Getting rid of some of that stress and overwhelm, call it whatever you want, decluttering organizing whole maintenance session. It doesn’t matter. It’s just on your calendar. Now this time, each week is designated for these types of projects. Pretend like it’s a doctor appointment, a dentist appointment, a workout class or a meeting at work.


You are in charge of this time and you aren’t going to cancel it because this is something important to you. It’s a commitment on your calendar now. And you’re going to fulfill the commitment. It’s a commitment to yourself. Look at this like a form of self-care, but also a necessity to your overall wellbeing. And everyone always wants to know one it’s on the calendar. Where do I start? What, what do I begin with? What is the right place that I’m supposed to start to get my whole house organized? There’s not one right place. I’ll say it again. There’s not one right place. There’s not one answer I can give you. It’s different for everyone. What I want you to do is think about where your biggest for frustration comes from. What’s your biggest pain point? Where do you feel overwhelmed throughout the day? Is there a spot in your home that irritates you?


Something that bothers you? You know, it can function better. That irritating place. That is the pain point. That’s where you’re going to start. So you’re not going to start in the same place as your sister. You’re not starting at the same place as your neighbor. It’s personal to you because you want it to work and you want to feel the benefits of it. Why do we do this? Because we want you to start feeling the benefits right away. That’s what keeps you motivated. That’s what keeps you going when something is working and you have given a little bit of time to decluttering and organizing a space, and then you see the benefits of it and you feel the benefits and everyone in your house starts to feel the benefits of it. Then you can be proud of yourself. You sense that you have that sense of accomplishment and it keeps you motivated to do more.


You want to do what feels good. So you’re going to do more. Once you have your time and you are so space, figure it out. Then you’re going to use my purging process to have success in the decluttering part of it. You’ll never get to the point where you get to organize. If you don’t get rid of everything that you don’t need, use, or want, you’ll need to have this purging plan, something to follow that will keep you on a track. And when you get stuck, you go back and you reference the purging plan. I give you the entire purging plan in episode three, it goes in order. And I teach you exactly how to purge with what questions to ask yourself. When you need to decide if, to keep something or to donate something it’s all there. So go listen to episode three. Remember you can’t get organized.


You can’t organize anything until the purging is done. The home environment that you desire can’t be achieved. If you’re surrounded by all of these things that are unwanted things that you don’t need, things that you don’t in your life, they’re taking up valuable space in your home. So at this point, you go listen to episode three and you learn the entire purging process that I use with clients as professional home, organizing clients. I give it to friends and family, and I even use it with myself. If I were to get stuck and couldn’t decide if there was something that I had in my home that I didn’t know if I should donate it or keep it’s an easy step by step plan that you can follow. That teaches you exactly how to purge in order for you to be successful with this, you are starting with a small manageable task, something that bothers you.


You’re not starting with an entire kitchen or all of your kids’ bedrooms. Even if the one thing that you’re starting with is a junk drawer or a home entry area. You can start with small things. You can start with a dresser in the bedroom or one section of the closet, one bookshelf in a playroom, please start with small manageable tasks. You want to be successful with us and not get overwhelmed. We start small because it would be too overwhelming to tackle an entire house at once. Anyone who does that would want to quit, it would be normal to quit and we’d feel discouraged before we really even got anywhere. Once you have determined the starting point, listen to the purging episode, episode three and another good one is for purging. The purging plan is also episode eight and you’ve completed the first purging and decluttering part of this process.


That’s when it becomes time to organize it’s time to put away and organize finally, but only after you’ve done those other steps, episode 41 will give you the exact steps need to be successful with organizing the items that you have determined are important enough to keep go listen to episode 41. That was just a couple days ago. It’s a thorough step by step process that teaches you how to organize it’s again, what professional organizers use when they are organizing a space for themselves or for someone else, it works. It’s worked for thousands of people. And if you follow the process step by step, then everything that you are putting away will have a designated home and be organized so that you can keep it that way for the long term. Once you’ve listened to that episode and done the organizing for your first project, it’s time to celebrate your success.


Every day you are in this room or opening this cabinet or drawer, you reap the benefits of your hard work. It’s ongoing for months and years down the line. Now, what are you going to do? You’re going to repeat this process. You’re going to identify the next thing that’s bothering you. The next area that you can’t stand and you keep going. You repeat the process that I just gave you. One project turns into another and another and another a dresser turns into a nightstand. And then you add on the other nightstand. And then you add on the bench that collects clutter at the end of the bed. And before you know it, the entire room is organized because you’re going from one to the next, to the next and these small manageable projects. You’re building momentum, seeing and feeling the relief that comes from these decluttered areas, organized spaces when they become organized and come clutter free is going to keep you going.


When you have a process to follow that works and has been proven to be successful over and over again, just like what I’m sharing with you. You will keep going because the result is what is motivating you. And you have this trickle down effect. It’s really that easy. It will positively affect the other members of your fee and lead to, and you will feel good when you see that happening. And let me recap what I have shared with you today because it’s a lot. So here is a recap of the steps. The first thing you’re going to do is look at your planner, check out your calendar, assess your schedule and schedule the time a weekly time at a weekly time. If you can do this two times a week, schedule it two times a week, but at least one time a week needs to be plugged into your calendar.


That is dedicated to this new decluttering, organizing whole maintenance, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. But schedule that time, get it on the calendar. It’s a commitment to you. Second thing you’re to do is identify where the biggest struggle is. What’s the pain point and decide on that first space to, to work on and to organize and to declutter based on where the biggest struggle is. What’s the biggest pain point. The third step in the process is to follow the decluttering and purging plan. So you’re going to go listen to episode before you begin, you have to listen to it before you start this project, it walks you through the step by steps, exactly what you need to do. And then also check out episode three. It’s an excellent one for information on purging two, it gives you more details and examples of using this purging process.


So listen to episodes an eight, and then you purge you. You start working on this area that you determined and you do a thorough purge and decluttering. The fourth and final step is when you finally get to put everything away, you finally get to organize the exact process that professional home organizers use. I shared with you just a couple days ago and episode 41. You can listen to that episode, follow that process when you’re at the point, make sure that the decluttering is done and then you’re ready to organize and put away. And that’s the final step. Once you’ve gone through steps, one through four, and you finish, you scheduled your time, identified the area, did a ruthless, decluttering and purging, and finally organized and put everything away. Then you’re ready to start on the next space. That’s when you go back and you start this process over again, so you identify the next spot.


That is you. The next phase that’s causing you stress and repeat this process over and over again. So when you finish the first one, you move on to the next problem area and tackle that with the same process until you have moved through your entire house, it does not matter what you do first, what order you go in. It matters that you follow process because the process has been proven to work over and over and over again. I give you the guides. I give you the tools to do this on your own. You have to take the steps and dedicate the time to do this so that you can move towards that organized life. That clutter free home, where you can bring simplicity to your home in your family. If you are wanting a coaching session with me, don’t forget to head over to intentional edit.com.


Click on the coaching tab. I did open up those few extra sessions in the next two weeks. If you have been looking for one or trying to get one, and they’re all bucked up now is the time head over there, intentional edit.com, click on the coaching tab. And you can click on the calendar link to book a session that fits in your schedule. When I have availability based on the calendar that you get to check out and see, because I added time for those additional coaching calls, I would love to work with you and help you come up with a plan, a one-on-one plan that will work for you. We will dive then dig deep and get as much out of the coaching session time that we possibly can to maximize it for you. So I’d love to work with you. If that is something that you are interested in, just head on over to intentional edit.com and you can get that booked.


Thank you for listening to another episode of the intentional edit podcast, and I will meet you back here next week for the next episode. Thank you for listening to the intentional edit podcast. If you found today’s episode valuable, tell your friends about it by taking a screenshot, sharing it on social and tagging me at intentional edit. I’ll be back soon with another episode in the meantime, find me@intentionaledit.com and be sure to follow, edit on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, to ensure you catch future episodes, click the subscribe or follow button. Now I am grateful for a five star rating and review from you. Be sure to let me know what you liked about this episode and what you want me to cover in the future.




Episode 43 of The Intentional Edit Podcast - Stay motivated and tackle organizing



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