It’s that time of year again…time for another home organizing challenge to get your home in order before the holiday parties, events and travel begins.  The 2021 Home Organizing Challenge is a 21 day event that I’m hosting on Instagram – Each day a new 20 minute home organizing project will take place and I will share how those areas are organized in my home.  You can ask questions and send pictures of the challenging spots in your home so that I can help you find solutions and products to get those areas organized.  

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The 2021 Home Organizing Challenge begins November 1st. 


Your home should be a place where you can rest and enjoy without feeling overwhelmed by clutter.  Join us for the challenge and you can begin to declutter and organize with quick 20 minute sessions each day.    


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Full Episode Transcription:


November 1st is just a few days away. I can hardly believe it. That means it’s time for another home organizing challenge. This year, the 2021 home organizing challenge is lasting 21 days. I’ll be hosting this over on Instagram. We will focus on decluttering and organizing a different area of our homes each day. And there’ll be a daily task assigned. These spaces are designed to take only 20 minutes a day. Honestly, some take a little more than 20 minutes. Some actually take less. I share how I have all these areas organized in my home on Instagram stories and other professional organizers. Join in and share some of the spaces in their homes and how they have them organized to. I promise you do not want to miss this event. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your home organizing journey in just 20 minutes a day, head over to Instagram and follow me at intentional edit to get all the up-to-date information on the 2021 home organizing challenge. If you’re struggling with daily tasks, clutter organization, and finding any sort of work life balance, the intentional edit podcast is for you. It’s time to stop the chaos and live with more intention. I am Lauren and I’m here to help you declutter implement systems and maximize routines that remove the overwhelming unorganized parts of life. Bringing simplicity to your home, come on. It’s time to create a life you love.


How is November 1st just a few days away this year is just flying by once Halloween is over. I feel like all things holiday are in full swing and that’s what it really can get chaotic with commitments and events. During the years that I was doing a lot of professional organizing in clients’ homes, I would always get inquiries from prospective clients this time of year, because they’re wanting to get organized before the holiday guests arrive, or they might be hosting parties or events in their homes, and they feel overwhelmed by clutter, or they just don’t feel organized. That lack of organization has them wanting to get organized or purge and declutter and get things in order before all of these holiday events and visitors start happening, not to mention the planning and execution of hosting holiday celebrations, potential travel, extra cooking, and baking, shopping, purchasing gifts.


I don’t have to tell you, you know, what happens around the holidays. People usually moms feel overwhelmed around this time of year with everything that needs to be done. And, and the things that are going on families with younger kids usually have a lot of toys thinking about the new gifts that are coming. Oftentimes has parents wondering where all these things going to go or they feel like they just have too much stuff. If that is not you, and you’re like, bring on the guests, then you are either exceptionally organized and have the whole purging thing down. You probably have systems in place to rotate toys and whatever toys are no longer being used by your kids. Then you have a system designed to get rid of those or pass them on to family or friends that will actually use them or a place to donate them.


Or you may have a bit of a messy toys situation and kind of an overwhelming toy situation going on in your home. It’s always a good idea to spend a time purging and donating toys that are no longer played with before the holidays and the new toys and gifts start to come into your home. I’ve talked about this in previous podcasts episodes, but everything that lives in your home needs a permanent location to be stored with kids. They grow so quickly. Their clothes and shoes are often becoming too small. So we have to get rid of them as their ages change and their development changes. The toys that are appropriate for the ages and stages that they’re at change. What they played with six months ago or a year ago might be obsolete now. And if you don’t have a younger kid in the house, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hang on to that and keep it occupying a space.


When you could use that space for a new toy to come in, that is age appropriate and something that they are enjoying playing with families with older kids or teenagers often are out of that toy stage and all of the toy clutter and these age kids like getting clothes and shoes and accessories. And those are the items that are on their gift lists before the holidays are celebrated and gift giving begins. It’s a great idea to clean out drawers and closets. You know, this is a good time where you can take inventory of what they have and what still fits them passed on the gently used items to other family members or friends, but discard, whatever is broken or stained, you know, get rid of those items, remove the items from your home, whether they are determined to be trash or something that is still in good working order and can be used by someone else.


If you don’t have someone to hand those things down to, then there are plenty of donation places around you, especially this year, even more so than in the last few years, these facilities are looking for donations and are in need of these items. So take the time to go through drawers and closet, especially of kids and teenagers and let them decide what are they still wearing or help them through this process? What do they not like anymore? What do they still need? What still fits them and what doesn’t fit them and take inventory, because this is a great starting place for ideas for gifts. If they have most of their shoes that they’ve outgrown a outgrown, or they’ve gotten so tall that their pants are too short to wear, that is a good starting point for gifts that they might need to fulfill those things that they don’t have anymore.


When I started seeing that it was a common theme for people to feel like they wanted to get organized. And it definitely wasn’t uncommon for people to have this sudden urge to organize or get things in somewhat of an orderly fashion. Before the holidays, I started hosting a home organizing challenge and I picked a different space every day to organize. These are not big rooms or giant tasks. These are simple organizing spaces that should take about 20 minutes. And the first time I did it, I think I did it for 10 days. Uh, last year I did the 2020 home organizing challenge. It was 20 days this year because it’s 20, 20, 20, 21. I’m going to do a 21 day challenge. The tasks are designed to complete and just 20 minutes a day. So there’s really no excuse why you can’t get it done. I pick areas based on what will be useful to have organized before the holidays.


And like all the festivities begin. You have company coming in town, or you’re hosting events at your house. These are practical things that you can do each day. If you have Instagram, you will want to follow me and you can find me at intentional edit. I share everything over on Instagram. And that’s basically where the home organizing challenge takes place. The tasks each day will be easy tasks that you can actually do in 20 minutes a day. Now some of them might take you 15 minutes because it’s something simple, like, uh, cleaning out your purse. Other tasks might take you 25 minutes. It’s about 20 minutes a day. And there’s really no reason you can’t carve out 20 minutes each day for 21 days when it’s over with you will be so thankful that you participated in this. I will share the space of the day early every morning.


You can get started on that. And at some point throughout the day, I share with you in Instagram stories, how I have these spaces organized in my home, head over to Instagram and follow me now. So you don’t forget to do that again. You can find me at intentional edit. Don’t want to miss the 21 20 21 home organizing challenge. It will start in just a couple of days on November 1st. This year, the 21 days is because it’s 20, 21. If you want to see what it’s all about, scroll back on my feed and Instagram, and you can look at the challenge last year, every day we posted the topic of the day, and then you can also go to my story highlights and see how I have those spaces organized. If you’re wanting to get a jumpstart on that. But it is starting in just a couple of days.


A lot of the areas from last year, we will be focusing on again. You’ll be able to see, like I’ve made some changes in my home. I just moved into it. I’ve only here for a year. I’ve made some changes since last year during this challenge, a lot of the areas will be the same or similar areas. And the reason for that is because when you have guests coming to your house or you are hosting events, or you’re doing a lot of baking, might do a medicine cabinet again this year, because those things expire. I tried to focus on practical places that everyone needs to keep organized. And if you don’t have systems in place, you need to do a good refresh at least once a year on these spaces. Anyway, I want to be honest with you. I don’t want you to think that this 21 day challenge is going to get your entire home organized in just 20 minutes a day.


This is not what this is designed to do. And really, if you think about it, that’s impossible. If someone is trying to tell you or sell you on a product, or if they say you can get your entire home organized and clutter-free and a month, or just a few weeks, do not fall for that, it’s truly impossible. It’s not attainable. And even if you could, you wouldn’t be creating systems that would last, it becomes unorganized again in the future. And that usually happens pretty quick. When you don’t do this process properly, because systems are the key to keeping your home orderly and organized. Don’t fall for those. Get organized quick schemes, I guess you would say, if you want to get your whole home organized, there are ways to do that. This is like a jumpstart challenge to that. And these are tackling little spaces.


A lot of times the feedback that I would get last year and in years past when I’ve done these challenges is we might focus on spices and it might be a 20 minute challenge that day to organize your spice cabinet. And I will share with you how I have done that in my home. Other organizers share what they’ve done in their homes. You get ideas and you get going on that you complete it. And then I, the messages start coming to me. I was on a roll and I had extra time and I cleaned out three kitchen cabinets, or I felt so good after I cleaned out my spices from the home organizing challenge today that I moved on to the pantry. So a lot of times the challenge motivates you to move on to other areas of the home. And that’s great. Just make sure you’re decluttering properly.


And that you’re really thinking about things that you need, use, or want, and trying to eliminate the thing is that are no longer useful or necessary for your family. The 2021 home organizing challenge is perfect for you. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed thinking about upcoming holiday season, or you feel like you’re settling and living among the clutter in your home, and you feel like you’re kind of surrounded by an unorganized space. It’s really probably all of those things that I trust my agenda. Join the challenge. I believe that your home should be a safe space where you feel your best, a place that refreshes and rejuvenates you and the other people that live there, but also your home. Shouldn’t be a place where you can unwind and relax. And if you’re surrounded by a clutter and unwanted belongings and stacks of things here and there, you don’t feel that sense of peace, creating an environment where you feel happy and content and looking forward to spending your time is what happens when you eliminate clutter and unwanted unnecessary items and surround yourself with the thing is that truly bring you joy.


During the home organizing challenge, we will spend 20 minutes a day decluttering and organizing every day. It will be a different area in your home. This is going to help move you toward that goal of feeling peace and contentment in your home, and really that’s what we all want and what we all should have. You can watch my Instagram stories daily to see how I organize these areas in my own home and other organizers, jump in on the challenge on some days and share what they do in their home too. It’s a great challenge to follow along with, and it’s easy to do something that doesn’t take much time out of your day, but it will get you results. And the more days that you participate in the, the bigger and better, the results will be some of the areas we’ll cover are things like co closet medicine, cabinet spaces, gift wrap, linen closet, like packaging and boxes and all that stuff.


Like from that you save from deliveries that you probably don’t really use, and you’re not going to use. It’s just taking up space games, maybe DVDs or video games. There’s so much more. Those are just the ones I can think of real quick off the top of my head. If you’re a person that’s already looking forward to 20, 22 and towards the new year, and you’re thinking about new year’s resolutions, then this is a perfect kickstart to that. It’ll give you a little boost for those big projects that you will start in 2022. This is also a great time for you to send me messages or pictures of your spaces in your home, or what’s not working. And I can recommend products or different solutions for the things specific to your home. Just shoot me a direct message on Instagram. When we are working on that particular area for those days, I hope you’ll join me for the 2021 home organizing challenge. It does start November 1st, make sure to follow along at intentional, edit over on Instagram and watch my stories daily so that you can see real life examples of each of these areas in my home. I know you can find 20 minutes per day for 21 days to make your home less cluttered and more enjoyable. I’ll see you over on Instagram for the challenge.


Thank you for listening to the intentional edit podcast. If you found today’s episode valuable, tell your friends about it by taking a screenshot, sharing it on social and tagging me at intentional edit. I’ll be back soon with another episode in the meantime, find me at attentional, and be sure to follow intentional edit on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, to ensure you catch future episodes, click the subscribe or follow button. Now I’m grateful for a five star rating and review from you. Be sure to let me know what you liked about this episode and what you want me to cover in the future.




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