We hear a lot about getting up an hour earlier to start the day off on the right foot, but what about spending a few minutes each night to simplify the morning madness.  A simple evening routine can make a big impact!

A few minutes spent tidying and preparing for the next day makes all the difference in the morning.  Assign tasks to each member of the family and this process is even faster to complete.  Implementing the following 4 tasks before you go to bed every night will insure your mornings are less stressful.



Evening Routine Tasks

Tidy – Spend a few minutes picking up items that are out of place – shoes and clothes, dog toys, supplies, mail, etc.   Return everything to it’s proper location.

Meal Clean Up – Clean the dishes, start the dishwasher, make lunches and pack lunch boxes for tomorrow.  Lastly, wipe off the table and counters so you wake up to a clean and organized kitchen.

Backpack/Purse and Activity Prep – Make sure all homework has been signed and returned to notebooks.  Have backpacks ready to go.  All you should have to do is add the lunch and water bottle in the morning.  If a coat or sweatshirt is needed put that with the backpack/purse.  If you have after school/work activities the next day put the items you will need for those activities by the door so you don’t forget them in the morning.

Clothing – Decide on clothing, shoes and accessories for tomorrow and place in a designated spot to easily get dressed in the morning.  If you do this weekly that’s even better.  You can skip this step.  


It only takes a few minutes to complete each of these tasks in the evening, but completing them nightly makes a big difference to how your days begin.


evening routine tasks



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