Organizing a child’s closet is not much different than organizing the closet of an adult.  For more information on general closet organizing check out the posts here and here.

kids closet hangers

When organizing your child’s closet remember to keep regularly used items at a height that they can reach easily.  If they can’t reach the hangers on a high rod of course you will find items on the floor, make sure to adjust the items to appropriate height level for the child.

Use child size hangers rather than trying to force small clothes on large hangers.

child size hangers

Purge often, children grow quickly, get rid of the clothing and shoes that no longer fit.  I keep a shopping bag on the floor of my daughter’s closet for items that no longer fit or are unwanted.  Once the bag is full I pass it on to someone else that can use the outgrown clothing.  white shopping bag

Use hanging shelves to create spaces for outfits for days of the week.  This is something else that I have done since my daughter was little, it eliminates last minute decision making and makes it so we don’t forget any necessary items or appropriate shoes for activities during the week.  At some point over the weekend we briefly go over activities for the following week, select clothing necessary for those events and place them on the appropriate shelf.  If she will need the outfit before returning home after school she puts it in a bag before putting it on the shelf and leaves the bag in the car on the way to school that morning.  School clothes and appropriate shoes go on top (placed upside down) of the activity outfit for each day as well.

hanging shelves for organized closet

When properly organized even a young child can put away clean clothes and keep the closet orderly with minimal effort.  Do you have any closet organizing tips that you can’t live without?


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