Have you been following along with my meal planning series?  In an effort to eat healthy, save $ and simplify the daily “what’s for dinner” conversation I incorporated a 2 week meal planning strategy into my routine.  The entire process is explained here.

I’ve already shared the meals in weeks 1 & 2 and weeks 3 & 4.  Today I’m sharing the meals from weeks 5 & 6.  Most of the recipes are linked in those posts.

Please read the post on Meal Planning to see the process that I use and how it works before you begin meal planning in 2 week increments.

Meals Included in Weeks 5 & 6 Meal Plan

Turkey Sloppy Joes & Baked Cinnamon Apples

Lettuce Wraps & Edamame


Cheesy Quinoa Primavera & Fruit Salad

Salmon Meatballs over Rice & Edamame

Taco Stuffed Summer Squash Boats

Easy Squash Soup & Salad

Corn and Chickpea Salad & Sweet Potato Curly Fries with Chipotle Sauce

Southwest Salad

Burgers & Oven Baked Zucchini Chips

Did you notice that there are 11 meals for 14 nights…if you are wondering why, all the answers can be found in this detailed post on how I practice meal planning. Dinner recipes from the meal planning menu and even some desserts are located under recipes on this site.

You can also find tons of recipes on my pinterest boards too!

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