Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration and a few hours to turn a mess into an organized space.  This closet belongs to a busy Paradise Valley mom of 3.  She was on the right track to a perfectly organized closet but lacked the time to get it to 100%.  Convenient organizing products were already being used and that made it easy to organize this closet with only a few new items needing to be purchased.

Shelf dividers were in use but not spaced properly, by moving them around the bags and purses are now divided by size and style/occasion.

organized purse bag shelf closet

organize closet shelf divider

Drawer dividers and my favorite hangers were already in the closet too.

OXO drawer divider


velvet hangers

The client purchased additional pant hangers so we could toss the ones from the dry cleaners that break easily and don’t match.  It looks so much better!  When the hangers were various shapes and sizes they were getting caught on each other and causing issues.   Ordering new hangers in the same style was an inexpensive solution.

ultimate denim pants hangers PV client


clear plastic Target pant hanger

We started the process by going through her clothes and she decided what she wanted to get rid of in about 1.5 hours.  This client was eager to eliminate clothing she was no longer wearing but if you are struggling with the purging process in your closet this is a great step by step guide.  After removing unwanted items I streamlined the hangers and organized by style and color.

velvet hangers rainbow clothes

I tackled the shoe section just like the rest of the closet.

our shoe box container store

Special occasion and rarely worn shoes were placed on the upper shelves in clear plastic shoe containers.  Shoes that she wears often were positioned at eye level and below.  Of course they were also organized by style and color.

organized master closet shoe shelves storage containers

This is the closet before. What do you think of the transfomation?

messy shoe closet before organized

Arizona closet organized before and after

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