Is your house being over run with toys, children’s books and stuffed animals?  Are you tired of tripping over objects in the middle of the floor or stepping on tiny lego pieces.  Parents with young children are often looking for ideas on how to control the “kid clutter”.

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The process to efficiently organize a play space is the same as organizing any other room in your house.

5 Steps to a Clutter Free Home…

  1. Empty and Clean what you are organizing
  2. Touch EVERY item individually and decide what you will do with it…KEEP, TOSS or DONATE
  3. Sort items that are to be kept, grouping like items together
  4. Find proper storage for items that are staying and put away
  5. Toss the trash and donate the rest
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It doesn’t matter if you have a large basement dedicated as play area or a small closet to store all the toys, kids usually only play with a small percentage of the toys they have at home.  Most parents report that their children don’t notice when toys are removed from the home, they just don’t miss them.

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Kids Table and Chairs Stools for playroom


Tips for Organizing Toys

Purge & Clean – Empty out the play space/closet and go through the toy inventory.  Toys with missing pieces or that are broken should be a no brainier…it’s time to get rid of them.  Toys are designed for a specific age range, if your children are well beyond the recommend age you don’t need to keep those toys either.  The toys that have barely been touched can also be placed in the donate pile to be passed along to someone that will give that item much more attention.  After a through purge session you can spend a little bit of time wiping down the shelves and cleaning the floor so the room is clean and ready to be organized.


Sort, Organize and Put Away – Now it’s time to focus on the items that are taking up residence in your home.   Group like items and find the correct size baskets/containers/bins to store these items.  Adjusting shelves in a bookshelf or closet can help you fit the maximum amount of items in that space.  Label containers if you decide that is something you want to do and finish putting everything away.


Share – Go over the new organization system with your kids.  Talk about your expectations for the space and demonstrate how to put items away.  Labels with images are best for young children…many times younger children are better about cleaning up than ones a few years older.

perfect playroom organized and clean

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These are some of my favorite furniture/accessories for play spaces and toy organization.

Rocking Chair White Rocking Chair Kids         




  baskets and bins for organizing toys                      

White Bench Toy Storage with LidRocking Chair White Rocking Chair KidsRocking Chair White Rocking Chair KidsSaveSave




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