Books, books and more books.  I’m usually saying words like, eliminate, declutter, or time to toss it.  I love helping people simplify and “let go”, so why do I have an entire built in shelving unit of children’s books in my home?!?!

Rainbow Order Books Shelf by Intentional Edit

Let me explain…

When I purchased this house (with the intent to remodel just about every inch of it) it had an awkward built in area for one of those old school big box television sets and all of it’s components.  Think HUGE tv from the late 90s.  The built in unit had to go but I was left with an awkward space right in the middle of the longest wall in my family room.  I knew I wanted storage and when I stumbled upon a photo of a reading nook built in a closet on Pinterest I knew exactly what I wanted to with this space.  First we built a storage closet on the right side for toys, DVD’s and games and then we got to work on the reading nook.

My first job after I graduated college was teaching 4th grade so I have quite the collection of childrens’ books.  I’m aware of the benefits of exposing children to books of all reading levels so it does not make sense to only keep the books of my child’s current reading level and quite frankly I think picture books are terrific.

Intentional Edit Bookshelf organization

Once the shelves were installed I covered a cushion, added a few pillows and it didn’t take long before we had a moment like this.

As my daughter goes through different phases with likes and interests we add to the books and even donate some that we won’t be using anymore to her school.  Of course I keep my favorites.  We have enough children of various ages that come over that these books come off the shelves frequently.

The teacher in me likes to have the books organized by author and/or series and of course categories were a must, but with little hands pulling the books from the shelves, just like in a classroom, they don’t stay organized that way for long.

One night after we had a few neighbor kids over, just before I should have been going to bed, I glanced at the shelves and they were a mess.  I immediately walked over and started removing the books…ALL the books!

After a few hours I had a complete reading nook of rainbow order books.

Intentional Edit Organized Bookshelf ROYGBIV

I’ve always been a fan of the ROYGBIV so I knew I was going to love it before I even began.  It took me 3 or 4 hours and I even gathered a bag of books to donate to school.  It was an easy project that didn’t take too long to complete but it made a big difference!

Bookshelf Reading Nook Organization by Intentional Edit

This rainbow order has proven to stay more orderly when kids come over.  Even our 2 year old neighbor can match up the colors and show me where the book is supposed to be put back.  I love it!

ROYGBIV Bookshelves, childrens book organization by Intentional Edit

Are you ready to ROYGBIV your books?




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