Do you buy spices only to find the same ones in the back of the spice cabinet months later?  Are you afraid to open the cabinet because there is a good chance that something might fall out? If so, it’s time to organize your spice cabinet. Organized Spices Cabinet

The spice cabinet or drawer is an easy place to start if you are on a mission to get things organized around your house. It’s small and usually confined to one specific area so you can tackle this project in a short amount of time.

It didn’t take much time to take this messy cabinet from chaotic to composed.

Organized Spice Cabinet

Easy Steps to Follow to Organize a Spice Cabinet

  • remove everything from the cabinet
  • clean and wipe out all the shelves
  • sort what you have into categories, don’t forget to check expiration dates and toss anything old
  • decide what kind of (if any) new storage containers or shelving you need…if you are purchasing new products be sure to take measurements before selecting your new items
  • put everything away and enjoy

By converting spices form original containers to like size glass jars more spices were able to fit on one shelf. Because the jars are clear all it takes is a glance to notice if your running low on a particular spice…you have eliminated the guess work and will avoid purchasing duplicate spices with a system like this. The new 4 tiered rack helps to make all the spices easy to see.

Following the steps above we ended up with an entire extra shelf in this cabinet. We were able to add other baking essentials in large glass jars to the top shelf of the cabinet.

Organized Spice Cabinet

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