The 2021 Successful School Year Summit recap is here.  For 10 days I had the pleasure of going LIVE on Instagram sharing tips, information, and ideas on how to implement systems in your home to make this the best school year for your family.  Each day we covered a different topic that will be helpful for families with children aging from preschool to college.


successful school year summit with professionals and experts to teach everyone with children from preschool to college to make this the best school year yet.

Summit details are here!  Click the links below to watch our LIVE events that are now saved to IGTV.

Day 1 – Command Centers & Homework Stations

@simplifywithsheeba and @intentionaledit go live – sharing strategies and tips on how to successfully set up a homework station and command center to help create systems in your home to reduce stress and simplify!

Learn more from Sheeba at:


Day 2 – Lunch and Snack Solutions

@happy_organized_life and @intentionaledit share lunch and snack ideas for kids of all ages…
Solutions – * Packing Lunch Boxes *Pantry & Fridge Organizers *Picky Eaters & more!

Learn more from Emily at:


Day 3 – Home Entry & Morning Routines that work for your family…

@poppedclosetorganizing and @intentionaledit share simple solutions to create a morning routine and home entry space that reduce stress for your entire family!

Learn more from Jocelyn at:


Day 4 – Managing Paper Clutter & Homework Areas

@organizedbylex & @intentionaledit discuss homework areas and share solutions to manage all the paper and art projects that come home with kids – what to do with bulky school projects and making sure forms/papers are returned to school on time.

Learn more from Lex at:


Day 5 – Routines & Independence for All Ages

@theetailoredlife & @intentionaledit share valuable ideas and strategies for setting up routines that foster independence throughout the day – real life examples for children of all ages. Set your kids up for success by implementing systems specific to their abilities and watch them thrive at home and beyond!

Learn more from Ashley at: 


Day 6 – Organization with Older Kids & Keeping Blended Families Organized

@themodernsteward & @intentionaledit discuss the importance of healthy communication with older kids, having the entire family contribute to keep the home running smoothly, realistic expectations, staying organized with a variety of schedules included with a blended family and more!

Learn more from Kimberly at:


Day 7 – Managing Busy Schedules & Morning Routines

Back to school usually means our schedules fill up quickly – @iheartbins & @intentionaledit share tips and ideas on how to manage busy schedules and set up a successful morning routine to get your family out the door on time.

Learn more from Laura at:


Day 8 – Reward Systems & The “Mom Store” goes live with @intentionaledit sharing details on the flawless “mom store” reward system she has created to keep kids motivated and the chores done. This works for kids of all ages and is available to purchase so you can implement this new system right away!

Learn more from Emma at:


Day 9 – Homeschool

@farnsfam shares the homeschooling journey and what works best for her traveling family with @intentionaledit – how to find curriculum if you are just starting out, resources, benefits of homeschooling, staying organized when you are not naturally organized and more!



Day 10 – Senior Year & College Prep

With a high school senior and two college freshman @norganizedlife is full of knowledge about senior year and college prep. She shares tons of information with @intentionaledit – tips on completing applications, financial aid, dorm prep, college visits and more. If you have a high school student you don’t want to miss this IGTV, it’s full of valuable resources!

Learn more from Nathalie at:



Successful School Year Summit 2021 - Make this the best school year for your family by learning to create systems that work in your home and beyond.


Create Routines for Your Family

These LIVE events provide tons of valuable information. Customize it to the needs of your family and watch as small changes make a huge impact!  If you have questions or need more information please reach out to any of the Successful School Year Summit participants.  We are always happy to help.



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