I’m often asked what my favorite space to organize is, closets and pantries are always at the top of the list.  If you have a closet that needs a thorough purge you will want to follow this closet organization guide.

Once you have eliminated all of the unnecessary articles of clothing and sorted what you are keeping it’s time to purchase necessary storage items.  If you are considering a complete closet remodel I highly recommend visiting The Container Store and looking into the Elfa closet systems.  You can also higher a professional organizer to complete this entire process from start to finish for you.

container store elfa closet organized with shoe rack

Source: The Container Store

My Top 4 products for closet organizing are:

Hangers – Hangers make a BIG difference, velvet hangers are my favorite.  The slim design allows for more clothes to fit in a small space.  You can purchase hangers in almost every color, pick your favorite and stick with just one color for a uniform look.

red velvet sli hanger

Shoe Storage – There are a variety of space saving shoe storage options depending on the space you have.  I’m not partial to one more than the other, the space and shoe collection usually dictate what will work best.  These are some of my favorite options.

organized shoe storage shelves

clear shoe storage box

Hooks – It doesn’t matter if it’s over the door or on the wall, hooks are always useful.  Belts, hats, tote bags or a robe or jacket that you like to put on often can go on a hook rather than a hanger for convince.  Depending on your need one hook or multiples may be used.

over the door closet hooks

Basket or Bins – Contain similar items in baskets or bins, this is especially helpful if you don’t have enough drawer space.  Like hangers, decide on one color and style and use that option in the entire closet for a more cohesive look and feel.

baskets for closet storage and organization

Still have questions about closet organizing, contact me, I’m happy to help.

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