Finding the perfect present doesn’t have to be difficult.

Think about your favorite gifts.  Do you remember what you unwrapped 15 years ago or even 5 years ago?   Most gifts are materialistic items that don’t leave a lasting impression.  If you want the presents you give to be memorable give gifts that are experiences.

This gift guide is designed to give you ideas to find and give the perfect gift, a gift that won’t be tossed or forgotten after a few weeks.

This list has been complied from suggestions from parents – it includes gifts that are more than materialistic options, these are mostly experience gifts that create memories rather than adding to the clutter.  The common theme the last few years is that we are moving away from traditional gift giving and mass consumerism.  We are lucky to be living in a time where we are experiencing a shift – a time when value is placed on experiences.  The magic of the holiday season is not about consumerism.  It’s not about the newest gadget or toy.

Use this gift guide as a way to instill the idea that experiences are more important than things.


clutter free gift ideas



Gifts that will actually be used, won’t cause clutter and will truly be enjoyed by the recipient…


  1. Gift Certificates to play places, trampoline park, adventure course, museums, aquarium, science center, etc
  2. A year membership to the local zoo, children’s theater, children’s museum, etc
  3. Food Baskets/Boxes – there are plenty of pre packaged baskets or delivery options this time of year
  4. Food service throughout the year – Plenty of options like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh.  Who wouldn’t enjoy fresh ingredients and new dinner recipes arriving at the front door?!?  
  5. Fresh citrus, apples or meat delivered to your front door.  We order our beef and pork from a farm – health nuts would appreciate quality pasture raised products from a farm like Five Marys
  6. A monthly club for something that is used up like wine of the month, beer of the month, etc
  7. Tickets to a concert
  8. Tickets to a play, show, symphony or theater
  9. Plane tickets or airline gift card – even if you can’t afford the full amount this can go towards a future trip
  10. Membership or gift card to an activity like pottery painting, art painting, cooking, etc
  11. Tuition to an extra curricular class
  12. Art supplies and tools for arts and crafts
  13. Subscription to an online book club or service such as Audible
  14. Gift certificate for a photography session for family photos
  15. Gift certificate to the car wash or for an auto to be detailed
  16. Massage or spa service gift certificate or membership
  17. Restaurant gift cards
  18. Membership to Amazon Prime
  19. $ towards an activity or excursion for someone to do on an upcoming trip
  20. Horseback riding lessons or trail ride
  21. Lessons or classes of any kind that the person has expressed interest in – if supplies are a requirement to participate then those can accompany the gift as well
  22. National Parks Pass or State Park Pass
  23. Disneyland/Disney World tickets or annual pass
  24. Admission to a waterpark or theme park
  25. Movie Passes or gift certificate
  26. Pay for a service – home cleaning, landscaper, accountant, home organizer, pet sitter, etc
  27. Summer camp or club
  28. Tickets to a local sporting event
  29. Costco membership
  30. Airbnb gift card
  31. Swing set, trampoline or other backyard activity
  32. Donation to a charity in the person’s name
  33. Miniature golf, ice skating or indoor arcade, bowling alley, Top Golf gift certificate
  34. iTunes gift card
  35. Hotel or staycation package
  36. Music lessons and instrument rental
  37. Lift tickets or season pass to ski resort
  38. Supplies to build and take care of a garden
  39. Pay for a sport or club they will join in the upcoming months
  40. Money


Are you contributing to the magic of the season or adding to the stress?  There are plenty of gifts to give that will give the gift of experience rather than the gift of clutter.



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