Do you have the desire for your home to be organized but struggle when deciding what to purge…

When I work with clients I find that most of the decisions they are struggling to make are for items that they don’t need to keep.  Although they don’t have a desire to keep the item they have feelings of guilt about discarding it.  Usually, an item that you don’t know what to do with is an item that you can live without.  To simplify the purging and decluttering process I have come up with 6 easy questions.

If you find yourself struggling with a keep or toss decision use these questions to guide you to ultimate home organization!  The 6 questions are a guide use with every individual item that you don’t know if to keep, toss or donate.


6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering

  1. Does this item serve a purpose?

  2. Is it useful and in working order?

  3. Have I used it in the past year?

  4. Is this the only item I own used for this specific purpose?

  5. Would I buy it again today?

If you answer NO to any of the questions it is time to remove that unwanted item from your home.

If the item is sentimental and you are still questioning what to do, ask yourself one final question.

  1. Does this make me smile?

Again, If the answer is NO you know what to do.  The item can be donated without feelings of quilt.  If you don’t enjoy it, take a photo of it and ask family members if they want it.  Unwanted items can be donated to a variety of organizations.  A materialistic object that is clutter in one persons space is often appreciated, needed and used in another.  If an item is adding clutter in your home, it is causing you stress.



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Lauren is a professional home organizer and owner of Intentional Edit in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Intentional Edit is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on consciously editing to create efficient and organized spaces.  Lauren believes that a functional home that looks and feels pretty has a positive influence on all aspects of life.  Creating systems that allow for the home to function more efficiently, therefore, eliminating most of the clutter and chaos, is her priority.  While design trends come and go, organization is always in style!

If you are in the Phoenix area and interested in our services of creating individualized solutions for your home or office click here to see our services and how the process works.





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